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Now, if you play this game you must already know how to play it right? When you play first play this game, it will take you to the tutorial. You will be directed to the mechanism of the game, how to interact with them and the kinds of weapons in the game. Speaking of weapons, there are lots of weapons in this game, and each weapon is specified for each class in the game. When you finish the tutorial, you will get a basic weapon for your journey. You can get more weapons if you progress further, but don’t expect to get a good grade weapon because it is expensive. You can only have the great weapons if you buy it with your Platinum.

Platinum is expensive in this game, you need to buy it with your money through the in-game store. If you need Platinum but don’t want to pay real money, use our Warframe Platinum Cheats and get the Platinum as many as you want for free without pay a single dollar.

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How to get Free Warframe Platinum?

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  7. Check your Warframe game account
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