Foopets Cheats, Get Free Foogems From Our Tool


Do you need lots of Foogems for this cute game? If so, you should use our Foopets Cheats. With that, you can generate your own Foogems and Foodollars. Our cheat tool is free for you. We create this cheat tool for free because this game is so much fun if you can cheat your money to buy all the cute pets from the shop. And by using our tool your account will save from any banning system.

Foopets is a game about taking care of your virtual cats and dogs. This game is so enjoying and relaxing because you can do lots of things with your pet, and you can outfit your pets with plenty options for customization. There are plenty of cats or dogs in this game that you can pet. But all of them is locked behind the in-app-purchase. You will need to purchase them with Foogems or Foodollars. But if you need them in a quick time, we offer you the solution. Use our free Foopets cheat and you can generate Foogems and Foodollars as many as you want to buy pets.

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Foopets Cheats Features

  • MariaDB ( The most effective database system )
  • SPAM Assassin
  • MD5 Hash Protection
  • Lite Speed Technology System
  • 256-SSL Encryption
  • LGT High Technology
  • Anti-Ban guarantee
  • Easy to use

How To Get Foopets free Foogems

  1. Click the link below
  2. Enter your username and your platform
  3. Click “next”
  4. Choose the package of Foogems and Foodollars do you need
  5. Click “generate”
  6. Please wait for 20 seconds for our Foopets Cheats to connect to the game server
  7. When it is finished, check your game account
  8. Enjoy!