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seven knights tips and trick

Seven Knights is a wonderful game that I like to play.  The first time I met this game on the PlayStore. At first, I doubt this game. Because of my friends play it a lot in the school, so I curious about this one. Actually, I’m the type of person who doesn’t like playing a game. But, my perspective changed after the fateful encounter with this one. I play this game everyday if I have a time. Now, I want to tell you the stories about my experience while playing this one. Don’t forget to check out Seven Knights tips and trick from me.

My Impression With This Game

What I like the most from this game are the characters design and game modes. It has many variations that make me addictive to play this game. The heroes design really cool, especially the Seven Knights and Four Lords hero. What it make more awesome is the appearance of Lu bu and Sun Wu Kong in this game. Of course, all of you already know about this two monsters, right? This game consists of many modes, from the adventure, arena, castle rush, celestial tower, and raid. Of course, I don’t need to tell you one by one what the modes are, right? This is your job to find it out.

Seven Knights Tips and Trick

This game is quite hard if you not really pay attention to the tutorial. Especially, about the hero growth rate. Sometimes, I did the easiest way to play this game. That is using a seven knights hack that you could find it here. For your Information, the maximum heroes level in this game is 30. But, if you see the transcend features, the maximum level is 40. But, you need a lot of efforts to climb into that level. In order to gain a lot of level within a minute, you need to go to the adventures mode and choose the easiest stage. Don’t forget to check the booster mode, it will help you increase the EXP That you obtained. One stage will grant you 10 level, is it wonderful, right?

The second matter is about rubies. Yup, this one is the currency of the game. This one is really needed, especially to summon new heroes into your side. Although your chance to get great is slim. That’s why you need a lot of rubies to summon it regularly. My trick to get this one is by playing tower of abyss, boss world, and arena. It will grant you the tremendous amount of rubies in a week.

seven knights gameplay

The Verdict

As we know, many RPG released on Android and IOS. But, which one do you think is the best for me? Of course, it’s Seven Knights. I know this game is kinda repetitive. For you who doesn’t like RPG that much will get bored with this game. I think a game like this will become much greater than the previous one, especially after the recent update that gives you new features, it’s called awaken hero. For the proof, this game already downloaded by 5 million people. So, the future of this game really bright.

Well, I thinks it’s enough for Seven Knights guide. Hopefully, in the near future, I can give you more amazing Seven Knights tips and trick. Don’t forget to leave a comment below. Your comment is really precious for me to make my website more awesome than before. Okay guys, get your game on.