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Clash Royale Guide, Tips And Trick Included

clash royale guide

Clash Royale is a wonderful game which comes from the same developer as Clash Of Clans, Supercell. It is a real-time strategy game that allows you to battle with other players online. This game is really interesting to play and I knew it from my friend. He told me to try to play it. At that time, I quite hesitate because I never play a game like this one before. But, after I tried it, I fell in love with this one. Now, I want to share my experience about this game by giving you the Clash Royale guide.

Clash Royale Guide | How To Collect Lots Of Gold?

Actually, this game is easy to play but there is something that makes it harder. That’s the Gold. Yeah, this thing really makes me crazy. Why? Because I can do nothing without it. We need it to upgrade the troops that we have and for other things. So, how can we get a lot of Gold in this game? Let’s check out some of tips and trick for Clash Royale below.



This thing will give you free Gold each time you open it. It will give you a certain amount of Gold depends on the rarity of the chest. You can get the chest each time you win a battle or by collecting crowns to get a free chest. If you always have a chest to be opened up, you will find that it is not that hard to get the Gold.

Let’s Go To The Battle


Do you want some Gold? Then, why don’t you bring your troops to the battle? You can get a lot of it if you battle with other players regularly. Your victory will give you a certain amount of Gold based on your arena.

Use The Gems


Wanna get the Gold easily? Open the game store and buy some Gold with your Gems. If you don’t have Gems, just try¬†Clash Royale hack link as the easiest way to get loads of Gems. After you get the Gems from this link, you can buy as many Gold as you want.

Donate Your Card


This is my last tips for Clash Royale on how to get lots of Gold. You can get the Gold if you donate your cards with your friends. When you see your friends asking for cards, just donate it if they ask for the troops that you rarely used. You will get some Gold for each card you have donated.

Well then, I think it is the end of Clash Royale guide for today. Hopefully, it can help you in this game. And if you want to know more tips and trick for Clash Royale, you can ask me by leaving a comment in the box below. Okay, thanks for reading this article and bye-bye.