Boom Beach Tips For Beginners

boom beach tips

Boom Beach is a nice battle strategy game. This one is the other version of Clash Of Clans but actually, it has the same objectives where you have to defend and attack. This game is very popular when it was released. Many people downloaded this game to try it. Just see in the Play Store where it has been downloaded more than 50 million times. And for its rating, it is really good, 4.5 out of 5. More specifically Boom Beach got 4.3 for controls, 4.4 for gameplay and graphics. And today, I will share some Boom Beach tips for you especially, for the beginners who just have started to play it.


My Boom Beach Tips

Keep Upgrading Before You Quit The Game

This will be my first Boom Beach tips and tricks. In this game, upgrading your buildings and defenses is one of the most important things to do. You will need them to survive from the enemy’s attack. Without a good defense, your base will get destroyed easily. But, it will take a long time to upgrade all of it. So, make sure to upgrade your defenses and buildings every time because you can only upgrade one thing at a time. No need to worry anything because there will be notifications once the upgrade is finished.

Upgrade Your Sawmills

This thing is really needed to upgrade everything in this game. It is because you will need a lot of wood which comes from sawmills. So, upgrading your sawmills will be your main focus before upgrading the other things. It is so important to build the sawmills first and upgrade it while you can so you can get enough wood to upgrade things.

Stone And Iron

Actually, these two things are also important but it is not used as often as wood. You can get them by winning battles and also by removing the stone in your base. Gaining these things from the battles is already enough for you. So, don’t worry anything about these.

Scout Your Enemy’s Base Before Attacking

Before launching an attack I suggest you scout your enemy’s base first. It is important so you can decide which troops that you should bring into the battle. This feature is really helpful for the players and it only exists in this game. You cannot do this if you play Clash Of Clans.

Make Some Plans

After scouting your enemy’s base, it is also important to make good plans. Don’t just raid and attack wildly without thinking about the risk. You have to pay attention to the defenses that your enemies had, making plans to attack them and launch it.

Get Lots Of Diamonds

I have one last tip for Boom Beach that may help you in getting a lot of Diamonds. I’m sure you will like this one. Just click this Boom Beach hack link and you will get tons of Diamonds. You can use those Diamonds for upgrading things and fasten up your upgrade.

Okay, I think that’s all Boom Beach tips that I can share with you. Hopefully, all these tips can help you to make a good progress in this game. See you next time, guys.