Clash Of Clans Tips And Tricks For Newbie

clash of clans tips and trick

Welcome to cheathackdownload, guys. Today, I would like to share my experience in playing this wonderful battle strategy game. Stay tuned to get to know some Clash Of Clans tips and tricks from me. These tips will be very helpful for all newbie. As we know, we need to be passion in playing this game and also make some strategy so we can win all battles. So, don’t waste your time anymore, let’s read the tips and tricks below.

clash of clans newbie

Clash Of Clans Tips And Tricks

Arrange Your Base

The first important thing that you have to do when you play this game is to arrange your base. You need to do this in order to avoid your enemies attack. Not only to avoid it but also protecting your base from destruction. If you don’t arrange your base, you will get destroyed easily.

Protect Your Resources

My first Clash Of Clans tips for beginners has a relation to this one. The main point of making a strong base is to protect your resources such as gold and elixir. These two things are used for upgrading your defenses and buildings, for example, archer tower, cannon, wall, barrack and etc.

Save Your Gems

I suggest you not to waste the Gems. When you start this game for the first time, you will get a builder to build some buildings and defenses. You can have five of them actually but you need to buy the other four by using Gems. So, it is important to save them to buy the remaining builders. Unfortunately, it will take a long time until you can but all the builders because you will need a lot of Gems. But, I have a way to gain it fast. Just click Clash Of Clans hack if you want to get lots of it. I use this way too in order to get them.

Don’t Stop Upgrading Things

As a newbie, you need to do everything fast. At first, you will have a shield for around seven days if I’m not wrong. So, use this chance and keep upgrading things when your builder is free. Don’t let your builder be out of the job. Upgrade your buildings or defenses once they have finished in upgrading one. There will be a notification on your phone when they have done their job.

It Is The Time To Launch An Attack

You will love to read this last tips for Clash Of Clans. After you have done everything needed during the seven days free shield, you can now launch an attack. Train your troops, choose the right ones and bring them into the battle. You can get some resources after you have succeeded in destroying your enemy’s base. Just for your information, I suggest you choose a base with so many resources so you can be rich faster.

Okay, that’s all that I can tell about Clash Of Clans tips and tricks for a newbie. I hope these tips can help all the newbie out there who want to play this cool game. Don’t forget to follow my tips above, okay and see you, guys.