Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Best Unit That You Should Have!

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Best Unit That You Should Have!

Back again to my website. My today topic is about Final Fantasy series. All of you must know about this one quite well. Right now, I want to tell you Final Fantasy Brave Exvius best unit. So, what do you think the best unit that you should have? I’m sure you curious about this one. But relax, your curiosity will be cure by reading my article today. Without further ado, check out the great features that this game offers you guys.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Best Unit


  • Cecil Harvey: Who don’t know this hero? If you ever played FF IV you know he is the main character of that series. Why I choose Cecil? Of course, he is a great hero that you should add to your team. Actually, I choose the Paladin mode, not the Dark Knight class. Score: 8.0                                                                                                   Commentary: He has a great HP and Def, It’s good for tanking and beat down all the opponents. You don’t need to get surprised when you include this characters on your team, He will play a great role as a tanker. Curaja also becomesTr the great use to heal all allies when needed.

trance terra

  • Trance Terra: Who don’t like a mage? With Terra from FF VI, your team will be complete guys. Defeat all your opponents with her dual black magic. The reason I choose her as the main attacker because the damage of dual black magic is double. So, you can expect a great damage from her.                                                                                             Score: 8.5                                                                                                       Commentary: She has all the strongest black magic. So you don’t need another black mage to fill her role. She has Ultima, Firaga, Blizzara and the others powerful black magic. Not, only become the great attacker, she can revive one your teammate with full HP. As a compensation, it will drain her MP quite fast.


  • Fryevia: Another great hero that you should add to your them. The first reason is because the skill that has a bad status on all enemies. The second one is her powerful ice magic. If you ever see it, the damage really tremendous. All enemies will be dead for sure if don’t have any immune with ice element.                                                            Score: 8.5                                                                                                       Commentary: What I can say to this beautiful women? She has everything that every hero wants. Good damage and support. She can paralyze and stop all the enemies for the time being. Also, almost all her skill has a great damage, especially the ice element.


  • Noctis: The new hero from FF XV finally appeared here. With his varieties of role, he can fit any weapon that he used. This hero is suitable for you who like to play a different role. With Noctis in your party, you can apply a different strategy.                                    Score: 8.0                                                                                                  Commentary: Best hero can wield any weapon. The status of this hero also great. Many attack bonuses apply, but it depends on the weapon that you choose. His limit break also can buff all allies attack status up to 70%. Who doesn’t want to add this gentleman to party member?

Which Final Fantasy Brave Exvius best unit that you prefer? Now, state your choice. I think is enough for Final Fantasy Brave Exvius tips. I know to get the hero above, you need a lot of extra works. But, I have one solution for you who don’t have enough lapis. yup, it’s by using Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Hack here. You can obtain unlimited lapis for real. Okay guys, see you again next time and have a nice day.