Toy Blast Game, Is It Good Enough To Be Played?

toy blast game

Hello, gamers, it is good to see you. Today, I would like to discuss Toy Blast game. Do you know this game? It is good if you don’t know about this exciting game because you will know about it after you read this article. I’m sure you will love this game, guys. I also like to play it in my spare time because it is really addicting. You won’t stop playing it once you have tried it. So, don’t waste the time anymore and let’s get everything that you need to know about it.

Toy Blast Gameplay

Toy Blast is a puzzle game where you have to pop two or more cubes with the same color in order to clear the stage. You can clear the stage if you have fulfilled the goal that has been given. And you also have to be careful because your move is limited to clear each stage. You will be failed if you are running out of moves. One thing that makes this game more interesting is there are more than a thousand levels available in this game. Each level will have a different difficulty. That’s will make you busy all day long.

toy blast

Toy Blast Game Features

A Great Graphic

This game may look simple but it has a stunning graphic which added with some eye-catching colors.

Full Of Cute Toys

There are so many cute toys in this game start from cars, rockets, dolls, stuffed animals and much more.

So Many Levels Available

As I said before that this game has more than a thousand levels which allow you to play it longer.

Rewards And Bonuses

You will get some reward and bonus every time you have succeeded in passing a level.


There is a leaderboard which allows you to compete with your friends and other players from your Facebook account.

In-App Purchase

This game has an In-App Purchase to buy some Coins. There are some options of how much Coins do you want to buy. Each option has a different price depends on the number of Coins that you will get. Unfortunately, it is quite expensive. But, I have a tip that you can try to get it for free. Just try Toy Blast Coins hack and you will get as many Coins as you like.

That’s all that I can share about Toy Blast game for today. I hope it can be guidance for you to know more about this game. Okay, thank you for reading, guys and see you.