Modern Combat 5 Game Tips and Tricks, Come Here To Learn a Secret Tips

Modern Combat 5 Game Tips and Tricks

Hello gamers, how are you today? I hope you’re all doing fine and keep gaming with proper. Today, I want to share something with you about the famous FPS game on mobile. Yep, it’s Modern Combat 5. Do you wonder that why you always lose to other players in the match? Tired of getting shot and stabbed in the back? Well, never feel that again if you heed my Modern Combat 5 Game tips and tricks.

I have played this game for almost three years now and I can say that I’m pretty good about it. Of course, maybe three years of experience won’t be enough right? But at least I can share with you a few things to get you out of the death zone. So, if you are interested in my game tips and tricks, keep scrolling down below.

Modern Combat 5 Game Tips and Tricks

Modern Combat 5

1. Suck It Up!

If you are newcomers to this FPS game, don’t mind the kill/death ratio. At the first time, I played this game, I have terrible KD ratio. But, as I keep playing and I learn from my loss, I’m getting better and better to fix the Kill/death score. So, for the beginners, suck it up, don’t give up, your time will come eventually.

2. Grind

This game is all about grinding your level progression. You start as soldiers who don’t have anything, but as you keep progressing, you will unlock various stuff. Don’t be surprised if this game is trolling on you. Getting the best stuff is hard, but you can make them all easy by buying it with Credits. That is the currency system in the game. If you want the easy way to grind your level, I can suggest using Modern Combat 5 Hack that the internet offered to you. But if you’re honest players, then keep grinding up until you get all the best stuff.

3. Choosing Classes

Chose your favorite classes are harder than you will though. It’s a matter of play style. If you are a rusher, I suggest you choose a class with a shotgun as the weapon, as it will give you the advantage of close range combat. But if you are prefer camping, then you should choose recon with a sniper rifle as the weapon.

4. Learning The Map

Remembering the layout if the maps could give you an advantage over your enemies. If you know all the best spot to camp or you know the camper spot, you will be unbeatable in the match. There are plenty of maps in Modern Combat 5 and you need to memorize all of them if you want to dominate the match.