Fruit Ninja Tips, Check the Exclusive Information From Me!

fruit ninja tips

Fruit Ninja is a phenomenal game that everyone love to play. You can meet this one in the arcade, so, if you go to the game center you will likely to encounter this one for sure. As for me, this one is quite interesting to play. The gameplay is really simple, you just need to slide all the fruits that appear on the screen to gain many scores. The stage of this game is unlimited, you will meet the game over screen if you slide the bomb. Now, I don’t want to explain all the gameplay mechanism, but the tips about this game. Now, check out the Fruit Ninja tips.

Fruit Ninja Tips, Become the Best Player Immediately!

fruit ninja gameplay

  • Just Use One Finger: Do you think it will make you easier to use all your fingers? The answer is no. It’s the best for you to just use one finger. Because if you all your fingers, you will hit a bomb and you will meet game over screen quickly. Of course, you don’t want that tragedy to happen right?

fruit ninja starfruit

  • Watch an Ad to get 100x Starfruits: Yeah, starfruits plays an important in this game. You need it to upgrade your slash effects and to redo once again if you hit game over screen. But, there is one way to get it quickly rather than you play all the stages. Yeah, the easiest way is by watching the ad. From it, you will get 100 Starfruits.

fruit ninja peach time

  • Peach Time: This is the secret to gain many scores in one go. How do you do that? It’s quite easy guys, you can use peach time. This fruit will increase your time per stage. So, you can gain many scores from before.

fruit ninja frenzy time

  • Frenzy Time: This is the last tips from me. Yeah, it’s about to get double scores from a normal one. If you notice when in the frenzy mode, you will see a banana. This fruit can give you a huge score boost if slice both banana immediately. Also, in this mode, you will land a critical hit easily.

What do you think about Fruit Ninja tips from me above? Is it helpful for you? If so, I’m really glad to hear that. Actually, I have one secret to get Fruit Ninja free starfruits. How to get it? If you curious about it, just access Fruit Ninja hack to help all your problem to get free starfruit. Now, you already know the tips to become the best player in this game. Apply it right away!