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tap tycoon tips and tricks

Hello, buddies, welcome to my website. How are today? I hope you are good because today, I would like to tell you some Tap Tycoon tips and tricks. I give you these tips so you can get a better progress in this game. As we know, it has so many fans because it is a sensational game. And I’m sure you must have this game also, right? But, not all people who play Tap Tycoon game understand how to make a good progress in this game. That’s why I will give you some tips and tricks for it.

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Tap Tycoon Tips And Tricks

Tap As Many As You Can

The basic way that you can do in this game is tapping the screen very often. Yeah, as we know, you will gain some Money if you tap your screen. The Money that will be dropped depends on the level of you per tap. So, many tapping so many times will help you in gaining some of it.

Upgrade Everything That Can Be Upgraded

In order to gain a lot of Money, you have to upgrade all buildings and skills you have. You can get Money faster that before. If you have enough of it to upgrade, don’t hesitate to do it because it will benefit you a lot.

Collect The Cards

Collecting the cards will also benefit your progress in this game because they can increase your earnings from the buildings. You can get the cards by clicking the prestige button and it will reset your progress but increase your income.

Tap The Rocket Boy

There will be a boy who rides a rocket and he will fly above you. Just tap him before he decided to go because he will drop a box which holds a prize such as Diamonds, Money and much more.

Follow The Social Media

There are two social media that you can follow in Tap Tycoon they are, Facebook and Twitter. Both of them will earn you 25 Diamonds and you can use it in the shop.

Use Your Diamonds

Make it rain, reset skill cooldown, and double profit can be bought by using the Diamonds. They can benefit you in gaining a lot of Money. For example, double profit will double your profit for the next 24 hours.

Buy The Diamonds

If you want to buy those skills that I have explained above but you don’t have enough of it, just buy the Diamonds from the shop by using your real money. It is one of the fastest ways to get that thing. But, if you also don’t have enough of real money, you can use this Tap Tycoon hack as the other way to get it.

Okay, that’s all about Tap Tycoon tips and tricks that I can share for today. Hopefully, it can be useful for all of you. And if you have comments or suggestions, just leave it in the comment box below. Then, I’m signing off, thank you, guys.