Despicable Me Minion Rush Review | Is It Good To Be Played?


Do you know Minions? I’m sure you must know it because Minions are very popular. You will know it if you have seen the Despicable Me the movie. They are like an alien in a yellow color. They also wearing a glasses to cover up their big round eyes. Do you know that Minions already have its video game? Yes, they have and today, I will give you Despicable Me Minion Rush Review. So, fo you who doesn’t know this exciting game, you have to see this article.

Despicable Me Minion Rush Review

This game is an endless running game. Your goal is really simple. You just need to run with the Minion character to collect the bananas along your way and avoiding the obstacles so you can keep playing. So, you have to run as long as you can and get the best high score. If you have played or seen Subway Surfers game, you must be familiar with a game like this one.

despicable me gameplay

Despicable Me Minion Rush game is very enjoyable because the gameplay is quite good for me where we there are three lanes available. By using a swipe controller, you can switch from on track to another, jump, and roll over. And it is really different with the likes of Subway Surfers or Temple Run. It is also supported by a nice 3D graphic with eye-catching colors.

In this game, you are not only controlling just one character but three. Yeah, there are Dave, Carl, and Jerry. You can also dress them up with so many costumes where each costume has a different ability. There are also some items, power up, and tools that you can use during the game to help you out. So, overall this game is really good and fantastic. I think it is worth it to be played and I suggest you try it immediately.

The Currency

Like many other games that you ever played before, this game also has a currency system they are, Bananas and Tokens. Bananas can be obtained during the game and it is the easiest one to get. But, Tokens is more important here because you cannot get this thing easily and it can be used to buy some costumes and items. Of course, the costumes and items that have to be bought by using Tokens are better than the one that you can buy with Bananas. But, do you know how to get this Despicable Me Minion Rush free Tokens?

despicable me shop

Don’t worry, guys because you can get loads of Tokens if you follow my tip. Yeah, I have a tip that can help you to get it. Just click this Despicable Me Minion Rush hack if you want to get free Tokens. It is real, guys and I have tried it myself. It works for 100% and now I already have a lot of Tokens in my account. So, don’t hesitate to try it and be rich in no time.

I think this is the end of my Despicable Me Minion Rush review. Hopefully, this review can help you to know more about this game. So, enjoy the game and have a nice day. Thank you, guys.