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cooking fever tips and tricks

Welcome back again, guys. I’m so glad to see you visiting my website. In this beautiful day, I would like to share you another good game that available in Play Store. It is a cooking game named Cooking Fever. This is an amazing cooking game and it is one of the best that I ever played. Now, for you who want to know some Cooking Fever tips and tricks, just read my article today and get as many tips as you like.

cooking fever gameplay

Cooking Fever Tips And Tricks

Cook It Fast!!!

In this game, time is the most important one. So, cook as fast as possible will start my Cooking Fever tips for today. Since our duty is to serve the customers, it is important to move faster in order to serve them all. And of course, you will earn more tip from your customers.

Cook Everything Before The Customers Order It

As we know, everything that you have to cook in this game will need some time until it is cooked well. So, in order to save more time, I suggest you cook all the food you can cook before the customers asking you to make it for them. It is quite effective o increase our chance in getting three stars.

Upgrade Your Kitchen

Upgrading the kitchen will benefit you a lot in doing your job. For example, if you upgrade your cola dispenser, you can reduce the time to make it. And if you upgrade the burger table, you can double the burger that you prepares.

Upgrade The Interior

Doing this also important to increase your customers’ patience and their tip as well. And there is some interior that you can upgrade such as table, tree, arcade, bar chair, tv, and much more. You can upgrade each interior up to three times. But, each time you upgrade the interior, you need to wait for several minutes.

The Currency

Here, there is two currency system they are Coins and Gems. These things are used to upgrade your kitchen and interior. So, you will need them to do it. But, how to get them? That’s easy, guys. There are some ways in order to get those things. For example, you can get it by playing the game level, daily reward, daily income, level up, complete some task, clearing some achievement, or from the in-app purchase. But, if it does not help you a lot, you can try this Cooking Fever hack immediately to gain more Cooking Fever Coins and Gems in this game.


Cooking Fever is a fun and interesting game where we can be a cook. Moreover, if you follow the tips that I have given. Those tips are really helpful for all the players who play this game where it can help you to get a better progress.

Okay, It is the end of my Cooking Fever tips and tricks. Hopefully, you like all the tips above and I hope you are willing to share these tips with all of your friends who may need it. As we know, sharing is caring, right? Thank you then and goodbye.