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Call of Duty Heroes Tips and Tricks, Learn All The Best Tips About The Game Here!

Call of Duty Heroes Tips and Tricks

Hey guys, back here with us again. Today we are pleased to share you the Call of Duty Heroes tips and tricks to you. But first, let us ask a question, have you played this game? This game is an amazing real-time strategy game where you can organize your base and you can attack other player’s base with a coordinated strike team so you can dominate the game.

In order, so you can dominate the game, there are lots of things you need to figure it out. And because of there has been so much demand that people ask us to make some tips and tricks for this strategy game, we will share it today to you all. Let’s find out all of the secrets about this game below.

Call of Duty Heroes Tips and Tricks To Dominate The Gameplay

Call of Duty Heroes Game

1. Choosing Heroes

One of the impressive things about this game is the existence of the heroes. The heroes are the characters from the COD series like Capt Price, Soap, Yuri, Harper, and all other familiar COD characters. Each of the heroes has their own specialty to use in the heat of the battle. Choosing the right and the most suitable for you is a critical strategy to determine between victory or defeat. So, choose well and you’ll end up well too.

2. The Perfect Base Layouts

Since the base is redesign-able, you can create a complex combination of strong wall and great arsenals of defensive weapons. If one layout is breached the next thing you need to do is redesign it again, over and over until you can clearly minimalize the damage of an attack.

3. Stacking Celerium

Celerium is the most precious thing in this game. It is the VIP currency that you can use to buy the special items and fasten every progress in your game. Getting it is not an easy matter. You can try the achievement way or you just buy it with some real cash out of your pocket. Or better yet, use the secret way of ours. Use the Call of Duty Heroes Hack Tool which spread out on the internet. With that, you can get as many Celerium as you can ever imagine. With tons of the precious Celerium in your palm, you can totally dominate the game and prove yourself as the best player of COD Heroes.