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dragon city review

Dragon City is the game where you have to raise dragons, feed them, breed them, build a habitat for them, and bring them to the battles to fight other dragons. It is a fun and great game for you who like a dragon character. And today, I would like to give you Dragon City Review. So, for you who want to know more about this game, you should check this out, guys.

Dragon City Review

This game can be downloaded from both the Play Store or App Store for free. Just from the Play Store, it has been downloaded over 50 million times. And with a rating 4.5 out of 5. From that two stats, we can say that this game is really good and popular. So many people also share their good comment about it. This game is suitable for kids to play but it was made for all ages.

What Is Dragon City?

dragon city game

Dragon City is a simulation game where you have to build a city and raise a dragon on it. As I said that you can feed them, build a habitat for your dragons, and fight them with other dragons. You can also breed your dragons to get a new dragon and raise him from baby until he becomes a mighty dragon. Build your own Dragon City kingdom.

Features Of Dragon City Game

  • There are more than 500 dragons that we can breed and collect in this game.
  • Build a beautiful city of dragons.
  • Leagues and Tournaments are available to challenge yourself and fight other dragon masters.
  • Advanced features such as the Ancient World and the Guardian Dragons.
  • Help, visit and send your friends gifts

The Currency System

Like many other games that you have played, Dragon City also has some currency systems such as Gold and Gems. These two things are really important to help you to improve your progress. You can buy the habitat, a new dragon and etc by using these two currencies. The Gold is the easiest one to be obtained because you can get it through the game. But, it is a little bit difficult to get the Gems because it is an in-app currency system. You need to sacrifice your real money if you want to get it faster. So, in order to get it easily without spending any money, I suggest you click this Dragon City free Gems link button. You will know it after you try it.


Overall, Dragon City is really good game for every age. With a creative gameplay and good graphic makes this one worth to be played not only by the kids but also the older one. So, if you want to play a dragon game, I will recommend you this one.

Okay, that’s all for Dragon City review for today. I hope this article can help you to understand and know more about this game. Thank you for your attention and goodbye.