Instagram App – What Are The Features Of It?

instagram app

Instagram App is a social networking which shares photos and videos of our daily activities. It is a place to find some new friends and get the latest information. Also, it usually used as a place to know something that is happening right now. This social media is not only for sharing photos or videos but also to share a comment and like. Even, people now use it as a place to promote and sell things.

Instagram App Features

Upload Photos And Videos

The main function of this social media is to upload some photos and videos and share it to the other users. You can upload the photos that you like from your photo album or take it straight by using the camera inside the application.


Instagram also has the like feature like Facebook. This feature is used as a sign if someone is like our photo. And if a photo gets so many like, it will become so popular.


In order to communicate with the users, we have to become a follower of an account and being followed by the others. If so, we can share some comments and give a like to someone’s photos or videos. Followers also important because when we have so many followers, we can get so many likes from them. And the number of likes that we get will affect the popularity of our photo. So, if want to get so many followers easily, just try these Instagram free followers. You will get a lot of followers in an instant if you use it. Then, you can be a famous person.

Instagram Stories

This is one of the newest features that available in Instagram. By using this feature, you can share your photos and videos in a slideshow. You can also edit your photos before you upload your stories such as giving a text and drawing tools.


If you ever try Bigo live, you must know how to use Instagram live chat. This feature is quite the same like Bigo where you will have your own channel and you will be watched by the users who have followed you.

That’s all that I can say about Instagram App. Hopefully, this article can enrich your knowledge about this famous social media. Thank for reading and have a nice day.