Pokemon Go Tips And Tricks | Find It Out Here!!!


Pokemon Go is a fantastic game where we, the players can be the real Pokemon trainer. So, for you who are dreaming of becoming a trainer of a Pokemon, you can do it in this game. You can catch the Pokemon anywhere such as around your house, at the park, and other places. Overall, it is a great Pokemon game ever. And for that reason, I will tell you some Pokemon Go tips and tricks so you can have a better progress in this fantastic game. So, let’s check it out.

pokemon go tips

Pokemon Go Tips And Tricks

  • Don’t Use AR (Augmented Reality) Feature

I’m sure that you have known what is AR, right? It is a feature where you will use your camera when you want to catch a Pokemon. Actually, it is quite good and fun because we will feel like we are catching the Pokemon in the real world. But, it will be more difficult to catch our target. So, I suggest you turn off the AR feature to make you easier in catching the target. The Pokemon will stay in the center of your screen if you don’t use the AR feature.

  • Use The Incense

Do you have this item? If you have, I suggest you use it. But, remember to use this item while you are walking. Why? Because you can attract more Pokemon to your location. But, you cannot just stand in one position because it will take a longer time until the Pokemon comes to your place. So, you have to use it while you are walking.

  • Place Your Pokemon In The Gym

If you found a Pokemon Gym and it is not filled yet, you have to place it as soon as possible and put your best Pokemon on it. Then, you just need to defend your place from the other competitor who wants to take your place. And if you have succeeded to stay there for 20 hours, you will get 10 Pokecoins for free.

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That’s all about Pokemon Go tips and tricks that I can share with you for today. I hope it can be useful for all of you who play this amazing game. Okay, thanks then and see you later.