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age of kings review

Have you heard about Age Of Kings Skyward Battle? The game which published by Elex, the publisher who brings the likes of Magic Rush, Age Of Warring Empire, and much more. This publisher has made a lot of exciting games for both Android and iOS. And this game is one of the best creation from Elex. So, if you curious about it, let’s spend your time for awhile to read Age Of Kings review below. You will get more information about it here.

Age Of Kings Review

What Game Is It?

Age Of Kings game is a Massively Multiplayer Online game or people knew it as MMO. Here, we have to build our very own empire by build some buildings and grow our kingdom to be even bigger. We need to build some resources buildings to gain the resources that will be used to build more buildings. Also, we have to expand our kingdom area to get more space for the buildings.

How About The Gameplay?

As mentioned above, it is about developing your empire. But, it is not the only thing that you have to do. You also need to rally your troops and lead them into a battle to fight the other players in a multiplayer battle. The fight will take you in a real-time battle where the players will fight each other at the same time. You need to keep an eye on the world map in order to attack other players and steal their resources. Also, players are allowed to make their own or join an alliance with the other players.

About The Gold

Gold here is used as the freemium currency system that used in this game. Players need to collect it so they can buy some items and build or upgrade the buildings. We can say that it is so important to guarantee that players make a further progress. If a player doesn’t have it, he/she cannot do all the things that have been mentioned above. So, if there is a problem with collecting this thing, you can ask for a help from Age Of Kings hack.

Is It Free To Play?

Age Of Kings is free to play although there are some items in this game that need to be paid by using real money. You just need to download it from your device. Around 70 MB of free space in your device is required to download it. But, there will be some extra files that have to be downloaded inside the app.

This ends my Age Of Kings review today. Thank you for your time for reading this.

Note: Make sure to check out your memory space before you download this game. Since the download has to be done twice (for the app and files inside the app) so you will need a big amount of free space on your device. Also, this game needs an internet connection to play.