Clash Of Lords 2 Tips To Be The Best Player In This Game

clash of lords 2 tips

Clash Of Lords 2, the sequel to Clash Of Lords game. A battle strategy game who brings a lot of fun and excitement to the players who play it. The game allows you to play in various modes. Here, you do not only raid the enemy’s base. But, you can also play with other players in a real-time battle. But, it won’t be fun if you don’t know what to do. So, just see my Clash Of Lords 2 tips below so you can be the best player in this game.

Clash Of Lords 2 Tips

Upgrade Your Town Hall

Maybe troops and buildings are the most important things in a game with a genre like this one. It is not fully wrong but it is not fully true also. Why? Because they are nothing without a well leveled up town hall. Yeah, the town hall is the real most important thing here. In order to get new troops and buildings and upgrade the troops and buildings level, you need to upgrade the town hall first. You won’t get all of it if the town hall is not upgraded. Then, you will not match the other players.

Make A Good Defense

After having your town hall upgraded, you need to pay attention to your defense. Place your defense buildings such as the cannons, sniper towers, mortars, and much more. Upgrade your defenses buildings to get rid of your enemy’s attack faster. Oh yeah, the wall is also important to slow down your enemy. I’m sure you don’t want to see your base get flattered by other players when you open this game.

Make A Plan Before Attacking

In order to become the best player in this game, making a good base and upgrading things are not the only things that you should do. You also have to raid your enemy’s base. And in order to do that, you have to make a good plan like choosing your troops wisely, what you have to do first, which troop that you should drop at the beginning, and etc. Raiding without a plan is a really bad mistake. Having a good plan will increase your chance in winning battles.

Learn From Your Failure

Every player in this game must ever feel a failure, especially when raiding other players. But, don’t get upset too early because you can learn a thing or two from your failure. For example, when you failed to destroy the enemy’s base, maybe it is because their base is really strong. So, you can try to copy or imitating their base if you are in the same town hall level. Doing this is just to find out if that kind of base is really strong or not. If it is really strong, you can use it as your permanent base so you won’t get beaten so easily.

Use The Gems To Fasten Up Things

As we know, upgrading things will take some times. And in this condition, it is a code red for you when you are upgrading the defense buildings. The upgrade buildings cannot be used or do something because they are being repaired. So, your defenses cannot launch an attack on the enemy’s who raiding your base. This will increase your enemy’s chance to flatten your base. So, in order to avoid this situation, you can use the Gems that you have to fasten up the upgrade progress. When you use the Gems, the buildings which being upgraded will be finished just in a second. Then, if you need more Gems, just access this Clash Of Lords 2 hack.

My last Clash Of Lords 2 tips above will end up our meeting for today. Don’t forget to visit my website cheathackdownload to see more tips and tricks for the best mobile games.