GTA V Final Mission Walkthrough | All The Three Choices

GTA V Final Mission

GTA V is the best open-world game can be. It has everything to be said as the best game such as the great graphics, gameplay, and storyline. The fifth series offers the great story since GTA San Andreas was released years ago. The difference in the fifth series other than the previous is that you can choose yourself how it’s ended. There are three was to go for the GTA V final mission. And today, I want to tell you all the three ways here. ! SPOILERS WARNING ! If you are playing this game but not yet reach the end, there will be major spoiler ahead, so take it as your own risk.

Three Different Ways In GTA V Final Mission

1. Franklin Kill Michael

Franklin Kills Michael
Franklin Kills Michael 2

The final mission begins when Franklin is visited by Devin Weston. Devin asked Franklin to kill both Michael and Trevor because they are troublemakers for Mr.Devin’s business. In this first option, Franklin calls Michael for a meet up with the intention to kill Michael. After a furious chase up to a tower, Michael is slipped and Franklin tries to help him get up but he refuses and let go his hand of Franklin to a falling death.

2. Franklin Kill Trevor

Franklin Kills Trevor
Franklin Kills Trevor 2

With the same story, Devin Weston asked Franklin to kill his friends, but then Franklin chooses to kill Trevor and ask Michael to help him. After realizing that Franklin is about to clip him, Trevor makes a run and eventually crashed into an oil tank, making it leak and then F decide to pull the trigger and set T on fire, leaving him dead from burning.

3. Deathwish

Deathwish 2

If you choose this, Franklin won’t kill both of his best friends, instead, he calls them to tell that Devin Weston wants them dead. After F make the call, the three gang start to make a plan to end Devin’s life. After all the gun blazing, Franklin, Trevor, and Michael caught Devin and put him in the trunk of a car and pushed the car over the cliff to kill Devin Weston.

So, all those three are the walkthrough of the Final Mission in GTA V. If you wish to experience the thrill of doing the mission, you should get Official GTA V Free Download now and get the experience yourself.