Shadow Fight 2 Tips | Find Out Some Useful Tips Here!!!

shadow fight 2 tips

A fighting game is one of the most popular game genres that almost every people like to play. So do with Shadow Fight 2 which not only has an addicting gameplay but also a unique concept where shadows are the characters in this game. And because this game is really fun to play, I wanna tell you some Shadow Fight 2 tips that can help you in making good progress.

Shadow Fight 2 Tips

Master the Game First

Before you can be an expert of this game, you need to master the basic things first. Learn how to control your character is really important to make you easier in performing the moves. Since Shadow Fight 2 game has some different control buttons so you have to make yourself get used to it. It would be a mess if you don’t know how to control your character. Then, you will be easily get defeated.

Be Patient

Since this game is not using a real joystick so it will be harder to make the move. This game counts more on your strategy because it won’t be as speedy as the other fighting games. That’s why you need to be patient when you are about to launch an attack. Better you wait until the opponent opens up their defense and try to find the right moment to give a counter attack.

Upgrade Your Character

In order to make an advance progress, you need to upgrade your Shadow Fight 2 characters. Upgrading the character will unlock some new moves which not available at the beginning. These new moves are the advanced ones so they are better than the basic moves.

Wear Him Some Gears and Weapon

At first, your character will only use the basic gears. And of course, they are not good enough for a fight. So, when you obtain some new gears, make sure to wear it on your character. The gears will increase the status of your attack damage and defense. Equipping a weapon also important because it can increase your attack damage massively. There are so many gears and weapons that you can equip so make sure to choose the best one.

Use a Generator

For my last Shadow Fight 2 tips, I will tell you the way to gain loads of Gems. The Gems is the most important thing in this game. You need a lot of it because it used to do some important things like upgrading character, gears, and weapon. So, if you need this thing so much, just try this Shadow Fight 2 Hack immediately.