Farmville 2 Tips and Tricks | Get Lots of Tips Here!!!


Farmville 2, a game where you need to build your very own farm. You need a lot of resources like crops in order to make some products. Then, these products are sold to gain you some Coins to grow up your farm. Maybe you can get the all of it quickly if you use the Bucks. But, if you can be more patient and let your game progressing following the time, just follow all of the Farmville 2 tips and tricks that I’m going to tell you below. I can guarantee that these tips can help you a lot and make you progress faster.

Farmville 2 Tips and Tricks

Don’t Forget to Collect the Daily Spin

Each day when you play Farmville 2 game, you will have the chance to spin the daily spin wheel. This will give you a useful prize and the prize will be getting better and better if you check-in to the game every single day consecutively. So, don’t forget to collect it even you are not in the mood to play this game. Just check-in, take your chance, get the reward and done.

Gain Some Coins from the Farm Stand

Do you know the farm stand in front of your farm? If you know, then, just go there and sell some crops or products that you have. Here, you can gain more Coins if you succeed to sell each of them. So, don’t keep the crops or products that you don’t use at all. Just sell them and make yourself rich.

Clear the Orders

Orders can also give you some Coins as well as XP. There will be some orders that you have to complete on your farm orders board. The orders are just asking you to give them some crops or products. So, it would be easy, right? Then, just make the orders, complete it, and get the reward from it.

Never Use the Keys to Clear the Tasks

The Keys is the hardest in-game currency that you should keep up. You cannot waste it for inappropriate things like clearing some task. Every task can be cleared if you serious to clear it although it will take some time. So, don’t use the Keys for this reason. You can use it for more important things such as expanding the barn capacity and add more slots for your production mills.

Connect the Game to Your Facebook Account

Do you wanna get more Keys for free? Then, just connect this game to your Facebook account. If you don’t have Facebook, then, just make it right now. If you already have it, just go to the settings, click connect to Facebook and you will get 25 Keys for free as the reward.This is the last Farmville 2

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