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tips for jurassic park builder

I’m sure that you must ever watch the Jurassic Park movies. Now, this is your great chance to have your own park full of dinosaurs in the Jurassic Park Builder game. You can do a lot of things in this game such as build up your park, place some decorations, and of course, raise the dinosaurs. And before you start it, I suggest you see the tips for Jurassic Park Builder below. These tips will help you all beginners to have a good progress in this game.

Tips for Jurassic Park Builder for All Beginners

Feed Up Your Dinosaurs

The first thing that you should do while playing this game is collect a lot of Gold. One of the way to get it is from the dinosaurs. They can produce in a period of time where the number of it depends on the level of the dinosaur itself. The higher the level, the bigger the number of Gold that you will obtain. That’s why you should feed up the dinosaurs to increase their level so they can produce more Gold for you.

Make the Harbors Busy All the Time

Make the harbors busy is the next Jurassic Park Builder tips for today. Harbors are the place for you to get the meat for the carnivores and crops for the herbivores. Those food are really needed to increase the dinosaur’s level. Without them, you cannot level up your dinosaurs. But, without the Gold, you cannot produce the food. So, they are related each other. And you need to make the harbors produce a lot of food so you can level up the dinosaurs so they can produce you enough Gold to be spent on the harbors.

Expand Your Area

At first, you only have a small area so you cannot build too many buildings. But, you can expand it to make it bigger by spending some Gold. You need to open the area one by one as you progress until you have opened up all of the areas. Then, you could build more buildings and put more dinosaurs on the island. So, if you have the chance to expand the area, don’t miss it.

Research the Amber You Got

After clearing the jungle to expand your land, sometimes you will find an amber which contains a valuable dinosaur’s DNA. Just bring it to the research center so you can unlock more species.

Jurassic Park Builder Bucks Tips

In my last tips for Jurassic Park Builder, I would like to tell you the way to get more Bucks. Just for your information, the Bucks here is used to buy some things that cannot be bought by the Gold. But, it is not easy for you to get it. So now, I give you this Jurassic Park Builder hack so you can get loads of Bucks for this game. This tool can really help you to get that in an unlimited amount.