Plants VS Zombie 2 Ancient Egypt Guide! The Best Way to Finish the Stage!

plants vs zombie 2 ancient egypt guide

Howdy guys? Is your Plants VS Zombie 2 progress run smoothly? If so, you need to look my Plants VS Zombie 2 guide. Especially, when you in the Ancient Egypt Stage. Here, I will give you the simple guide to overcoming the trial in that area. Are you curious about it? Just see the guide that I will give you below.

Plants VS Zombie 2 Ancient Egypt Guide

Before I begin, I will tell you the hassle thing in this stage. Sometimes, grave will pop up and disturb your plant formation. Not only that, grave can also destroy your plant. So, you need to be careful with it. The only method is by using the grave buster to remove the grave immediately.

Guide to Remember!

  • Plant your Sunflower quickly. You need to place in the back row (5 sunflowers). This is the beginning strategy to get more sun power in order to summon new plant. 
  • Wall Nut. This is the second thing you need to summon. At least, three of them it’s enough to block the stronger zombie attack.
  • The third plant you should plant is Bloomerang. It can help you to destroy the grave quickly. Also the Camel Zombie.
  • Don’t forget about Grave Buster. It can help you to destroy the grave. Depends on the situation though. 
  • Iceberg Lettuce it’s really great. Why? Because it can slow down the zombie for a while. So, you don’t need to afraid when stronger zombie come. This is the great plant that you should summon it immediately. 
  • Potato Mine. The stronger attacker. You can do a combo with Iceberg Lettuce. Because Potato Mine use times before attacking the target, yeah because it’s a bomb. But, if it explodes, all the zombie will be dead quickly.
  • Cabbage Pult. If you don’t have time to remove the grave. You can use this plant instead. When this plant attacks the zombie, it will ignore the defense wall and attack the zombie directly.

plants vs zombie 2 gameplay

That’s the Plants VS Zombie 2 Ancient Egypt guide. Yeah, it’s really simple actually. The important one, you need to have the suitable plant when entering the stage. I’m sure you if you try this method, you will finish the stage quickly.

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Okay, guys, I think it’s enough for today article. If you need anything else, just write down in the comment section or PM me directly. Hopefully my Plants VS Zombie 2 guide is helpful for all of you. See you all again next time and may the god bless you all.