Easy Rocket League Tips and Tricks that You Can Apply


Rocket League is a unique football game where players don’t use the human to play football. Here, you will use a car to play it. This one is pretty good for you who like to play a football game. You will meet the new way in playing this most favorite sport. But, it is quite difficult if you still a newbie. So here, I will tell you some Rocket League tips and tricks that will help you in the game.

6 Rocket League Tips and Tricks that You Have to Do in Playing This Game

Practice Yourself in the Training Mode

Before you start to play the game against the real players, I suggest you try to practice in the training mode first. This way is to help you in order to understand the game. You have to learn everything that can be done in this game like becoming a striker, goalie, and etc. It will be difficult for you if you just go straight to the game without knowing anything about how to play it.

Train in the Offline Mode

After you have learned all the things that you need to know for this game, you can test your knowledge and ability in the offline mode. Try to apply all the things that you got from the training mode in the offline match mode. Here, you can play a match together with the computer-controlled player so you don’t have to worry if you lose.

Don’t be Selfish

Remember that you still playing football so you cannot be selfish if you want to win. Since you have teammates, you don’t have to play alone although I admit that this game is quite hard to play in a teamwork. But, if you can manage your team, you will have an advantage.

Rocket League Boost Tips

In this game, you will have a boost that can help you to fasten up your car’s speed. This is quite important especially when you are in a good position to score a goal. So, never waste it if you don’t really need it because you will waste your great chance in the future. Just use it when you are straight in front of goal and the ball is in front of you.

Try to Make the Enemies Out

Here, you can hit the other players’ car. So, I suggest you take advantage of that feature because after you hit the other players’ car, you can make them blow up and they will have to respawn for a few seconds. Then, you have the advantage to play with more players on your team.

Don’t Join Up in the Conflict

This is the most important tips for Rocket League that you should do. Mostly, players are hunting for the ball whenever the ball is. You will see a situation where almost all players are surrounding the ball without doing the right way to play a football match. Actually, it is not a good way if you want to win. If you meet a situation like that, I suggest you not to get involved with them. Just wait from behind and wait until the ball/chance comes to you and try to make the ball run into the opponent’s goal line.

That all about Rocket League tips and tricks for today. I hope my tips above can increase your knowledge to play this game. And for you who still don’t have the game, you can download it from the official Rocket League download link. Then, have a nice day!