5 Slither io Tips and Tricks You Should Know

slither io tips and tricks

Welcome to Slither io tips and tricks where you can get a lot of tips to help you out in the game. Today, I have some tips that I’m going to share you and hopefully, it can be useful. As we know, this game is quite addicting and interesting to play. But, it is quite annoying if you get lost in the very first place. Moreover, if you don’t grow bigger even you have played for minutes. So now, let’s see if my tips below can help you or not.

Slither io Tips and Tricks | The Best Tips for You

Play Smart

In playing this game, the key to get bigger easily and stay alive is by playing smart. So, what should you do actually? It is simple, you just need to stay away from the others and keep an eye on all of your enemies. When someone has killed the other one, go ahead and get close to take the particles left by the lost player.

Don’t Waste the Particles Floating Around You

If you don’t want to involve in the clash between players, you can take advantage from the particles which floating around in order to make you grow bigger. Maybe it won’t make you grow faster. But it is quite effective especially when your snake is still in a small size.

Make a Trap

This way can only be done when you are long enough. If you have the right size, you can make a trap by making a circle around your enemy who has a smaller size. Then, they will get trapped inside and has no way out. If you understand how it works, now let’s check out the next Slither io tips.

Lure the Other Player

After someone gets lost in the game, they will spread some particles which can be taken by the other player to make them bigger. And instead of taking all of the particles, better you use it as a bait and wait until the other player gets close to take it. Find the right time to make a trap to take down your victim.

Use the Invisibility Mode

In my last tips for Slither io, I will tell you something that will make you interested. The easiest way to play this game is by using Slither io Invisibility Mode. With this mode, you will become unbeatable because you are invisible. No one can harm you or even make you lose in the game. You are the only one who can make a contact to kill the other.

Use all of the Slither io tips and tricks above in order to make you a better player in this game. So, thank you for your attention and have a nice day…