Yugioh Duel Links Guide for Beginners || Choose the Best Card Packs

Yugioh Duel Links Guide

How is your progress in this game? Is it run smoothly? Or you have some kind of trouble to choose a card pack? Calm down guys, we have a special Yugioh Duel Links guide to choose the best one. Now, prepare a lot of gems to buy it.

The Best Card Packs List

For beginners player who recently started this game must confuse to choose the card packs they want to get. Even though you have unlimited gems, it is futile if you cannot choose the best packs. We have the guide which can help you to buy it.

Age of Discovery (Rating 8.0)

age of discovery

This pack will focus more on Water Attribute monsters. But, this is the good card pack to start your journey in this game. The notable card which called Michizure is a good one. This card can destroy your opponent’s monster when your own monster leaves the field. The chance to get this trap card is quite low. For the monster card, Gyaku-Gire Panda is the winner. See the effect devastating effects of this one by yourself.

Neo-Impact (Rating 8.5)

neo impact

There are many good Trap cards in this pack. Especially Mirror Wall which can lower your opponent’s monsters attack by half. As the compensation, you need to pay 2000 LP each turn. For the monster, Kaiser Sea Horse is really good when you tribute light monster. Thanks to this card you only need one tribute (it is really useful to summon high stars monsters such as Blue Eyes White Dragon). And for the dark monster, you can count to Double Coston. The effect is same like Kaiser Sea Horse, but the main focus is a Dark monster.

Generation Next (Rating 8.0)

yugioh duel links generation next

The newest card pack in this game. This one contains a lot of useful cards. The first one is a monster called BOXer. If this one would be destroyed by battle, you can remove one counter to prevent the destruction. To get the counter, you need to destroy opponent’s monster first. FloodGate Trap Hole (Trap Card) is the next one you should get. It will prevent the monster which gets this effect cannot change their battle position. If you are looking good monster effects, this is the perfect one.

Dawn of Destiny (Rating 8.0)

dawn of destiny

Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys is the reason why we recommend you to get this pack. This is a great monster packs which can revive itself. Even though you need to sacrifice two monsters to summon it, Hand of Nephthys can help you with that job. This card allows you to special summon Sacred Phoenix from your deck or hand. It is a great chance to bring this powerful monster early to the field.  Last but not least, Tribute to the Dommed (Spell Card) is ready to destroy your opponent monster immediately.


Playing Yugioh game is quite hard if you are confused which card you want to get. We recommend for beginners player you must focus on the card which has a good effect like we tell you above. After you collected all the best cards. The next step is to build a strong deck. In other words, focus on the card which gives you many advantages.