Common Reasons MOBA Game Is Trending in Smartphone Game

Moba Game Trends

MOBA or known as Multiplayer Online Battle Arena has been so popular for several years. The first initiator of this game is DOTA until then it comes to Smartphone. At the glance, it is quite boring because of its control. It is totally hard to control our character if we play on mobile especially to whom who has been involved into MOBA in PC.

However, day after day, some people tried to download this game. They are curious about it. After they tried playing it, then finally they were falling in love with that game. That is why most players who play MOBA in Smartphone. They are commonly a newcomer and here is we will list the reason why MOBA game is trending in Mobile Phone Industry

Capable to play anywhere

The first capability of mobile phone games. We can play it almost anywhere. It does not consume much space to operate. Even, we can hold it with our hands and sit even on a garden bench.

Awesome graphics

We could not judge if a mobile game has bad graphics than pc games where actually, most mobile games could give a great experience to their users by serving epic quality graphics.

Stunning gameplay

Gameplay is always a common reason why most players stay in that game. To create a great gameplay is not an easy thing to do as it must pass the brainstorming process. Most MOBA game has been created their own style on each gameplay. For example, in Mobile Legends, if we kill the golem then the golem will fight together with us and in Arena of Valor, it gives many various skills that we never met before.


Like any other MOBA game in PC, it also has their own tournaments which hold in almost every country. Players can give their best to compete against others. Then, the winner will get a prize pool that contains huge money there.

Not a Paid to Win Game

This one is the most important aspect that every game should have. Indeed, it has its premium currency that we can buy with our money. However, it can only be used to buy such as costume but not its hero. So, everyone can buy their favorite hero without any limits.


Those all the common reasons why MOBA game in the mobile phone is trending right now. We can see its existence has been similar as in the pc itself. Then, there are also some of them which offer cross platforms feature where we can play with other players even though they are using different devices.