Angry Birds Epic RPG Review || An Exciting Turn Based RPG From Rovio!

Angry Birds Epic RPG Review

Rovio back again to present you their awesome creation. This time it will be different, unlike the usual Angry Birds game. You do not need to shoot your birds with the catapult anymore. Here, you will use your bird directly to beat down all the pigs. Are you curious what kind of gameplay this one offer you? Just check out Angry Birds Epic review which we give you below.


Here, we will answer all your curiosity about this game. We sure after you read the gameplay aspects of this, just download the game on Playstore for free.

Battle Mechanism

battle gameplay

You will bring three birds into a battlefield. This game uses turn-based genre. So, your birds will attack depending on their turn. Of course, your enemy without a doubt is the pig. You will travel around the islands to beat it. Each bird has their own unique skill. Do you see the symbol of chili below the HP bar? That is the trigger how to unleash the skill. In order to fill in the skill parameter, you need to attack or beat the pig directly. You can also reduce the damage by touch the guard button.

Island Exploration

angry birds epic rpg island map

In order to unlock another island, you need to beat all the bosses. Usually, you will find another equipment and armor which enhance your character status. Before you get it, you need to collect specific material to build the armor and equipment. For the material, it scatters around the island. For example, you can touch the wood boxes which grant you the required item.

The Graphics Quality

It uses 2D art style. We sure these graphics fit perfectly for Angry Birds game. The effects while the bird attacking the enemy is quite awesome to see. Overall, the graphics aspects of this game are top notch.

Pros Cons
For the fans of Angry Birds franchise, you must try this game at all cost The gameplay is repetitive. You finish one challenge and go to another one repeatedly.
The battle system is quite fun. The skill animation is quite hilarious to see It is really hard to get the gold. You need to play the stage all over again.
Tons of equipment and armor. When you equipped it, the appearance of the bird also change. It requires IAP (In-App-Purchase) to build stronger birds.


Final Words

When we first played this game in 2009, this one like a treasure chest which contains many possibilities. If you are looking for a great RPG which does not have any complicated mechanism, this one is the perfect one. Now, what are you waiting for? Grab your smartphone and download this game right away.