Tales of Rays Review || A Devastating Action RPG For Mobile!

Tales of the Rays Review

Once again you can feel the devastating Action RPG like a console version. Tales of Rays indeed have a similar graphics and gameplay which attract many users to play this game. What makes it more perfect, all the Tales series characters from the console version makes an appearance. For some of you who recently know about this, we created a guide to offer some information about Tales of Rays.


Usually, people who play this one is attracted with the deep storyline. Actually, we really hate to say this but we need to be honest. The storyline in this game is quite lame. The protagonist’s homeland gets destroyed by some unknown disaster. And then he begins a journey to gather powerful heroes through the land to save his homeland.


Here, we will divide the explanation about gameplay into two parts. The first one is about exploration and the battle mechanism.



Prepare your journey in the Tales series. You will not explore a huge map in this game, but a small map. Along the road, there are Treasure Chests scatters around which you can open to get an upgrade item for your weapon. Also, when you find an enemy you will not engage the battle immediately, but you will move over to a different to begin the battle. In order to get three stars rating for exploration, you need to complete a quest which you can see in the setting menu.

Battle System


For the battle part, it is not quite different from the console version. You can move freely to attack your enemy. Do not forget to unleash your Artes (Skill) which can destroy your enemies quickly. In order to attack the enemy just simply touch the screen repeatedly. As for the Artes, just flick the screen left, right, up and down. It all depends on your Artes placement in the setting menu. The last one is about Mystic Arte. This is the most powerful skill in the game. Every character has it. Before you unleash it, you need to fill in the Mystic Gauge below the character’s HP.



It offers you the top-notch graphics. The details of characters model along with the environments are really smooth. You will not regret to waste all your smartphone storage just for this game (2.7 GB is required to download this one). For the graphics, we do not have any complaint.


After we played this game at least a week. We can draw a conclusion about this one. This is great guys. If are you looking for a beautiful Action RPG whether it is from the graphics and gameplay. This one can satisfy your needs for sure. We dare to give 85 for the score. That is Tales of The Rays review, all people who like this series you need to download it right away before regretting it.