Football Strike Review | A Great Football Game by Miniclip

Football Strike Review

Football game in mobile is already so many out there. There are a lot of good and exciting football game that we can play on our Android smartphone. This year, Miniclip as one of the greatest game publishers for mobile have just released their latest sport-focused game entitled Football Strike. And today, we are about to discuss it in Football Strike review. Let’s check it out now.

football strike


The game is quite different than any other football game that we used to play. This one is not like FIFA or Dream League Soccer. The gameplay is more simple here where we just need to use one of our fingers to swipe the screen and try to shoot the ball into the back of the net. We will play one on one against a real player randomly in three different modes that we can play in this game such as shooting race, free kicks, and career.


In shooting race mode, we will have to shoot the circle in front of us to gain points. The player with the most point appears as the winner. Then, the free kicks mode allows us to take-turn with the other player to be the free kick taker and goalkeeper. We have five chance to kick the ball and five as well to foil the opponent’s kick. In the last mode, we can play a career by beating the other player in order to go further to the next stage.


In the gameplay of this game, there is also a customization that allows us to change the ball, kits, and increasing our player’s stats. There are a lot of balls and kits that we can use and we can get it after we have opened a bag that we get after winning a match. The unique thing about this game is that we can purchase the official kit of a real football club like Barcelona, Borrusia Dortmund, Schalke, and Zenit St. Petersburg (more kits will be released later).

Purchasable Items

If we cannot wait to get the items that we want, we can purchase it by using the Cash. We can purchase the ball or bag by using that currency. And if we want to get the official kits, we can purchase it by using our real money. It is so easy to get things we like in this game although collecting the Cash would be quite difficult to do.


We should admit that Football Strike is really simple but, we cannot underestimate its graphics. This game has a stunning and smooth graphics that will make us amazed. Just look at the details of the player and the environment such as the stadium and the goalpost. It looks more than good. This is one of some factor that makes this game good.


  • Unique gameplay.
  • Great customization.
  • Lots of modes to play.
  • Amazing graphics.


  • The gameplay is kinda repetitive.
  • Take a long time just to get an item.
  • Real money is needed to get some item.


Football Strike is a good game to play. This game is suitable to fill our spare time especially for the one who loves football. We highly recommend this one because it has a lot of good things that is a pity to miss. So, let us try it right now and happy gaming!