Plants VS Zombies 2 Review || It is the Time To Destroy All the Zombies!

Plants vs Zombies 2

In this chance, we would like to introduce about one of the best game on a smartphone. It is called Plants VS Zombies 2. For you the veteran player or the one who recently know about this one, we will tell you the brief summary of this one. In this game, you will fight against hordes of zombies which want to destroy your farm. As the farmer, you need to counter this attack with the plant of yours. That is enough for chit-chat, let us go to the review section of it.


Story Mode

plants vs zombies 2 gameplay

The story mode is similar to the previous series with a little enhancement. A huge wave of zombies will come. In order to stop it, you need to summon your plants. But, there is a cost you need to pay before summoning it. We are sure you notice the sun orbs which falling down from the sky. That is the items which you need to collect for the cost. Each plant has a special power such as freeze the enemy, slow it down, and destroy it with a bomb. To finish the stage, you need to beat all the zombies. In order to figure out how many zombies left on the stage, see the zombie gauge on the top screen.

Zen Garden

endless zone You will take care your plant in this garden. Watering your plants to earn great rewards such as coins and booster. That is why this is the important place if you want to farm coins.

Endless Zone

endless zone

This mode is not that different with story mode. But, there is some extra challenge which you need to complete in order to finish the stage. Also, you need to be cautious because the difficulty in this mode is quite harder than the story mode. The zombie which appears in this stage also really stronger than the normal one.

Pros & Cons

The perfect game to waste your time. It is really addictive For the player who already played the previous series, this one is quite repetitive
The unique gameplay which requires a good strategy even though it looks really simple The story mode exactly looks the same
Amazing 2D graphics which enhanced the gameplay experience For free to play player, the in-app-purchase is quite annoying. Because there are some plants requires gems to obtain.
Many modes to explore. It will not make all players bored

Final Words

Without a doubt Plants VS Zombies 2 is still the best casual game which everybody can enjoy. It offers all the players a unique gameplay to keep them in the game for a long time. We as the reviewer also love this one really much. Okay guys, that is the Plants VS Zombies 2 review. Hopefully, it will satisfy you.