Sky Force Reloaded Review | An Outstanding Retro Game from Infinite Dreams

Sky Force Reloaded

A shoot ’em up games once so popular in the 90’s era. This game genre is one of the people’s favorite at that time. And now, the new generation of shoot ’em up game has reborn in form of Sky Force Reloaded which published by Infinite Dreams. This one is such a very nice game that will bring a great experience to its player. For the further information, let’s check out our Sky Force Reloaded review below.


Sky Force Reloaded still has the same gameplay like the retro game in the 90’s era. Players will take control an aircraft to shoot down all the opponents and collect the stars that come out from them. During the game, we will meet a horde of opponents that will try to take us down. Besides, we will also find some people to be rescued and some missions to be cleared on each stage. There are so many stages available in this game and each of the stages has three different difficulties. But, in order to go further to next stage or play the harder difficulty, we need to do an upgrade to our aircraft’s parts.

Game Features

Besides of its exciting gameplay, Sky Force Reloaded also has some great features that we can find. Here are the features that we meant about.

Upgrade System

Before we continue our progress, we need to upgrade our aircraft first. There is some part that we can upgrade in this section health, main cannon, wing cannon, missiles, and much more. When we upgrade our weaponry, we can destroy all the opponents much easier and we can stay longer when receiving damage from them.

Lots of New Aircraft

In this game, we can get some new aircraft that can be obtained by collecting 5 parts of each aircraft. After we have collected them all, we can unlock the aircraft. Getting a new one would be good for us because each of it has different abilities.

Cards to Collect

This game has some card to be collected where each card has different use one to another. The ability of each card is very useful and can help our progress a lot. The card can be obtained after finishing a stage although it is not easy to get it.

Graphics and Control

Sky Force Reloaded graphics is really outstanding if we compare it with the retro one. The 3D graphics that are used for this game makes it more lively. The details of the aircraft and the environment that we will find along the journey are very nice to see. Also, this game is easy to control where we just need to drag the aircraft to avoid the opponents attack. We can say that the control is quite responsive so it is good enough.


If we would like to nostalgic with a retro game, we should try Sky Force Reloaded because it offers a retro game which has a new style in it. We highly recommend this one. So, let’s try it right away after reading this review.