Last Day on Earth Survival Review | Try to Survive and Kill All of Those Zombies

last day on earth survival review

Could you imagine if we are stuck in the middle of an apocalypse? A situation where the undead is ruling the world. Of course, no one would ever want to feel it. But, in the latest survival game that just released in the middle of this year, we can feel that horrible experience. If you curious about it, let’s check out our Last Day on Earth Survival review to get the further details.


The game begins with us controlling a character who tries to survive from this doomsday. We have nothing when we get started. No foods, no weapons, even no clothes to wear. Our job is to gather all of it and make our own shelter to protect ourselves from the undead attack. Luckily, the place where we begin all of these has all of our basic needs. We can get some berries to eat, rocks and trees to build some equipment or even expand our shelter.

The bad news is that it cannot last forever. It will run out by the time so we need to find the resources in another place. We can travel to the different land to gather some new resources that do not exist on our land. Of course, it will not be that easy because we will find some obstacle such as fighting the zombies, wild animals, and even the other survivors (real players) who try to protect their resources.

Game Features

This game also has some nice features which of course, will make it more interesting to play. Below here, we will explain a little about the features.


We can join forces with the other real players who try to survive in order to get rid of those zombies. By forming a clan, it would be easier for us to gather resources and kill all of the undead effectively. This is the best strategy that we should try.


We have explained a little about this one in the gameplay section. This feature allows the player to explore the other abandoned land in order to obtain more resources and deadly weapons to help us survive.


After we have formed or joined a clan, we are allowed to share information with others by using the chat feature. This could help us in deciding a strategy with the other survivors. So, it is really useful.


Last Day on Earth Survival game does not only offer a great gameplay but also outstanding 3D graphics that will make all players satisfied to play it. Look at the good details of the character, zombies, and even the environment which is very smooth and clear. We will not regret to play this game because it is the best survival game at this moment.

Final Words

That is all our review for Last Day on Earth Survival. Overal, it is a really good survival game to play on iOS or Android smartphone. A lot of exciting things and features are waiting to be played. So, let us download it right now.