This page consists of our contributors who helped a lot on the hacking game, sharing game strategy and so on. We accept everyone to join our team. Let us make this group to be the biggest hacking community in this world. Anyway, here is our gold mine.

1. Greg Laurent

A man who always behind the scene. I love to hack everything in my life and almost a hundred percent successfully hack everything except girl’s heart. That one is totally hard to do. Do you agree that? lol

2. Maxxwell Collen

Hacking is my life. Without it what can I do? The answer is nothing. it’s already become my soul that I can’t take apart. My name is maxwell, see you again in my article, adieu…

3. Jones Gupta

A handsome man with an ugly wife, just kidding. I love to write, that is my passion. Gaming is my life. So there is nothing I can do except playing game all day long.

4. Jhonny Sting

I’m John and I love to help you, fellow gamers to have an advantage while gaming. This is the best place for game hacking.

5. Robert Green

Hi, I’m Robert Green. Hacking is my hobby because I can help a lot of people who have a difficulty in playing their favorite game. Hopefully, all the things that I have done can be useful for all of you.